Toronto Ward 13

By 25 June 2020

Toronto continues to be one of the most popular cities as far as the Canadian reputation is concerned. It enjoys a sizeable reputation by being the capital of Ontario.

Where Is Toronto Centre Located?

Toronto centre is a federal electoral district in Toronto, Ontario. It is popular for finance, arts, culture, holding a reputation of being one of the most multicultural societies in the world.

It was originally created in 1872. Taking a part of West Toronto and East Toronto. It was formerly called Centre Toronto Riding before it was later changed to Toronto Centre in 1903. It contains areas such as: St. James (Canada’s most densely populated neighborhood), Regent Park, Cabbage Town, Church and Wellesley, amongst others. 

The Toronto City Council consists of 25 wards. Our focus is primarily on ward 13, which is situated at Toronto Centre.

Demography of Ward 13

Toronto centre maintains a reputation of being one of the most diverse cultural cities in the world. This is very apparent in its demography. 

According to the 2016 population census, Toronto boasts of a population of about 2,731,571. The city sits comfortably on a 630 square kilometres expense of land.

Referring to Wikipedia, Toronto Centre has a demography of 58.1% of white people, 9.0% of South Asians, 8.3% Chinese, 7.7% of blacks, 4.6% Filipino, 2.1% Latin Asian, 1.9% Southeast-Asian, 1.8% Korean, 1.3% Arabs, 1.2% West Asians and 1.1% Aboriginals.

Attractions in Toronto 

Toronto Centre has some very important and interesting tourist attractions. For example; Ripley’s Aquarium: a public aquarium in Toronto, or the Woodbine Casino that brings to sight most of the interesting mammals in history. It exhibits over 16,000 sea and freshwater specimens, from over 450 species.

The city also houses the CN tower: a 553.3 m-high communications tower located in downtown town. Until 2007, it was the world’s longest freestanding structure for 32 years. In 1995, it was decorated one of the world’s modern wonder of the world.